Feedback Feedback from Users

From teenagers:
They shared their changes in emotion management and relationships with family members.

From parents:

Question 1: Do your family’s outputs in WISEA meet your expectation?

Answer: all of parents said yes.

Question 2: What are the most valuable areas your family has achieved in WISEA?

Key responses:

* Kids have learned how to solve problems actively.

* The tools that WISEA offers are executable, and we were able to attain results.

* The peer group and positive climate motivate my child to actively take action.

* The cooperation between kids and parents has greatly improved parents’ self-recognition and parent-child relationship.

Question 3: In order to improve the quality of the WISEA programming, how do you think we can do better?

Key responses:

* How to empower kids to help more peers in need?

* How to make the exploration more fun?

* Inspire kids to advance more in-depth questions and actively communicate with peers in the program.

Question 4: How would you grade the parent workshop? Why?

Answers: 9-10, the highest score is 10